Online Dog Training Course for Rescue Dogs

Our online dog training course for rescue dogs helps minimize fears and anxieties through resetting the parasympathetic nervous system by teaching an optimistic mindset and relaxation as a skill. Our course exercises are similar to…

Happy Rescue Dogs - Online Dog Training Course
Happy Rescue Dogs - Online Dog Training
Happy Rescue Dogs - Module 0

Module 0 – Creating Clarity

Gain clarity on how to help your rescue dog. You’ve felt lost most of your rescue dog’s life. In this module you finally get clarity! Resolving the root cause of your dog’s anxiety starts with getting clear about what areas in their life create stress. You’ll feel less frustrated and have the faith that your dog can learn to be relaxed and listen.

Happy Rescue Dogs - Module 1

Module 1 – Results are in Relaxation

Your dog has struggled with relaxing. Learn how to calm your dog down and help relieve their stress, fear, anxiety, reactivity, and hyperactivity. In this module your dog is learning the fundamentals of relaxation so they can be more relaxed in all different situations. You’ll learn why relaxation is one of the most important skills to teach your dog.

Happy Rescue Dogs - Module 2

Module 2 – Creating Optimism

Your rescue dog is the ultimate pessimist. They’ve experienced trauma through lack of socialization and negative experiences. In this module you are your dog’s ultimate life coach! You’ll use food as a way to create safety, optimism, positivity and relaxation. You’ll see your dog becoming more joyful as the days progress.

Happy Rescue Dogs - Module 2

Module 3 – Resilient Rescue Dogs

You want to give your dog freedom and bring them everywhere with you but they never listen and become anxious or reactive about new things. Ultimate freedom is not living in fear. Resilient rescue dogs are created through developing feelings of safety and security about everything. You’ll learn how to create safety with; people, dogs, objects and noises.

Happy Rescue Dogs - Module 4

Module 4 – Healthy Boundaries

Your dog has a habit of overwhelming people and dogs. In this module you’re creating boundaries that your dog happily responds to and respects! Your dog will no longer jump on people, steal objects, rush the door, or aggressively stalk your guests. This is the module to help your dog learn to re-socialize with people and dogs!

Happy Rescue Dogs - Module 5

Module 5 – Mind & Body Bliss

Your dog has a difficult time relaxing and feeling safe. In this module you’re supporting your dog through advanced massage techniques. There is a direct correlation between muscular tension and emotional tension. Your dog will become aware of tension in their body and get better at relaxing it. 

Happy Rescue Dogs - Online Dog Training Course

Discussion Group (optional)


The Discussion Group is designed for those who want personalized support with the course or any limiting beliefs that might be getting in the way.

Access to the Happy Rescue Dogs Discussion Group where you can ask Rhonda questions and participate in discussions
Topics are neatly organized based on course material, specific behavioral issues and more

The Happy Rescue Dogs
Online Course includes:

6 Compressive Online Dog Training Modules
Self paced online dog training course designed to fit into a busy schedule allowing you to learn at your own pace and rewatch lessons as much as needed
Our Happy Rescue Dogs Framework is specifically designed for rescue dogs, covering everything you need to know about training a more relaxed, confident and resilient dog
Step-by-step instructional videos
Get organized with our 135+ page workbook, each week you’ll know exactly what to do and what to work on
Milestone Magic to keep you focused on reaching certain milestones each module. This helps to build a strong foundation of skills for your dog training journey
The Happy Rescue Dog’s Success Path to guide you along your journey to success!
The Owner Assessment to evaluate your skills to improve your performance with your dog
Access to the course on a private user friendly learning platform (not on Facebook), anytime and anywhere
2 years access to the course and future updates
60 day money back guarantee!

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