FAQ – Happy Rescue Dogs Online Course

If your dog is fearful, anxious, reactive, aggressive, hyperactive or has issues settling down, absolutely!

While every dog is different, you should expect to see improvements within the first two weeks when you follow the course protocols.  Your dog will start relaxing more around the house and feeling more optimistic about their environment.

We are so confident in our training that if you decide within 60 days of joining the course and you’re not satisfied, we’ll offer a 60-day money back guarantee! In order to get a refund you must fill out and send in your completed workbook to show you’ve watched and completed the course.

You’ll need minimal equipment. Most of the equipment you already have around your house! You’ll need a flat buckle collar, kibble for rewarding your dog or some high value rewards, a 5-6 foot leash, a treat pouch (the bigger the better) and some will need a small squirt bottle.

Obedience training focuses on controlling your dog’s behavior. The result being a dog only listening when being told what to do rather than listening because they want to. However, when you’re working with dogs that have a lot of anxiety and trauma, resolving the dog’s emotional problems through obedience commands usually doesn’t work. In our Happy Rescue Dog Course we believe in focusing on the dog’s mindset first. If we can get the dog feeling and thinking differently we end up making more permanent changes in our dogs and their behavior. And because thoughts and emotions are the driving forces behind dogs, obedience training then becomes much easier.

No. You have the flexibility to go back through the material as much as you need. Happy Rescue Dogs is a self-paced course where you go through the material at your own pace while following the ‘Success Path’. The Success Path is your North Star, letting you know what milestones you need to achieve before moving onto the next module. Follow it, it’ll help guide you along your way!

No. Happy Rescue Dogs has its own private online learning platform that makes it easy to learn without the distractions of Facebook.

Our course breaks complex behavioral training down into simple concepts and it’s well organized! We have an extensive workbook that allows you to access and refer back to important concepts. We offer clarity of the training concepts, significant exercises that make a big impact on your dog wanting to listen to you, and the training is easy to implement and work into your schedule.

More importantly we train in free behavior. That means your dog learns how to relax, feel optimistic and motivated to listen, all in natural behavior rather than directed behavior like a sit or down. If the end goal is for our dog to listen and behave unguided by us and without us around, then it only makes sense to teach them “how to be” not “how to do”. Our course is powerful because it teaches dogs emotional control and confidence all within free behavior.

The training exercises are designed to fit into your lifestyle with your dog. You can train your dog when you’re eating at the dinner table, watching TV, doing work on the computer, or reading a book. Because this is behavior modification (not obedience training) most of the work is done in and around the house. It’s the best place to lay down this foundation of training. Think of where we do our meditation and yoga practice, where we say our positive affirmations and check-in with ourselves to think more optimistically. These are daily habits and rituals that start in our home. When we are consistent with bettering our body, mind and spirit we have the skills and confidence to take on the world!

I’ve been searching and asking the top dog professionals and behaviorists for solutions. Most focused on managing a dog’s behavior. I then realized the dog’s underlying fear, anxiety and inability to relax was the catalyst for all their behavioral problems. If a Yogi and Tony Robbins got together, this is the dog training course they would create 🙂

We’ve spent a lot of time making this course as user friendly as possible! There will be no searching or digging for content in multiple areas. Everything you need will be in one place. It’s an easy to use and navigate platform!