Are you ready to teach your dog how to relax and listen in 7 days?!

Doggie Meditation is a fast and easy step-by-step online method to teach your dog how to relax from the comforts of your home. You’ll be amazed at your results!

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Doggie Meditation is specifically designed for the rescue dog parent that…

  • struggles with incorporating their rescue dog into their life 
  • tried training their rescue dog on their own but feels lost because their dog isn’t like their friends dogs
  • has tried professional training, medication and expensive tools and nothing has worked
  • is looking for a training approach that aligns with their values, is more holistic and incorporates mindfulness training

What if…

  • your dog could relax more around the house?
  • you could enjoy your dog more?
  • you and your dog were less stressed and more relaxed?

Do you ever wish…

  • your dog would choose to stop barking, settle down and relax?

This is all possible with The Doggie Mediation Method!


The Doggie Meditation Method!

Happy Rescue Dogs - Doggie Meditation overview

The Doggie Meditation Method is a quick and easy to follow online training (7 lessons) that helps reset your dog’s parasympathetic nervous system to help relieve barking and reactivity and bring peace and quiet into your relationship and home.

A proven meditation practice for rescue dogs, teaching them how to relax and listen!

Your dog will learn to cope with stress, regulate their emotions and find a deeper state of relaxation.

Now only $47!

Lock in this low price today

See what our students are saying!
This easy technique involves just a collar and leash for life changing results! You do NOT need an expensive dog trainer that’ll charge you $100/hr to teach your dog how to relax. We show you how to easily implement doggie meditation online, step by step and all in the comfort of your home.

Happy Rescue Dogs - Doggie Meditation - Testimonial
Happy Rescue Dogs - Doggie Meditation - Testimonial
Happy Rescue Dogs - Doggie Meditation - Testimonial
Happy Rescue Dogs - Doggie Meditation - Testimonial
Happy Rescue Dogs - Doggie Meditation - Testimonial

Hi! I’m Rhonda Bilodeau

Happy Rescue Dogs - Rhonda Bilodeau

I’ll be your dog trainer here at Happy Rescue Dogs!

I’m a certified professional dog trainer in Vermont that focuses on psychology, behavior and physiology in a high spirited, playful but practical way! I’m also a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Life Coach.

I’ve been training rescue dogs and their people since 2007 and mentor other aspiring dog trainers. I train using methods that change how a dog thinks and feels about the world, creating a more permanent and positive impact on your rescue dog.

I’m a big advocate of meditation, yoga and love studying neuroscience. I believe understanding how to turn-off a dog’s reactionary and pessimistic survival brain and create a new default way of responding to the world in an optimistic and relaxed way is the #1 key in rescue dog training. You’ll make quantum leaps in your dog training by focusing on this!

Thanks for coming by and I can’t wait to hear about all the changes you make through our training specifically designed for rescue dogs!

💛 Rhonda

Happy Rescue Dogs

What you get when you signup for the
The Doggie Meditation Method :

The Doggie Meditation Method ($225)

There are 7 step by step video lessons to learn our method and reap the benefits of daily doggie meditation. This is everything you’ve been searching for! You’ll help resolve the root cause of your rescue dog’s problem behaviors- the inability to relax. Have a calmer and happier rescue dog in just 7 days!

Meditation Practice Checklist ($10)

There are incredible benefits to daily meditation for dogs just like in humans! Get our daily check off list, step by step cheat sheet and the science behind what’s happening inside your dog!

Doggie Meditation Workbook ($35)

Follow along and get organized in the detailed workbook. The workbook helps develop a deeper understanding of the psychology and physiology behind The Doggie Meditation Method. Plus, it keeps you organized so you can reflect back on training concepts.

= $270 value

Now only $47!

Lock in this low price today

Doggie Meditation FAQ

No. All you need is a 6 foot leash and a flat buckle collar to reap the benefits of daily doggie meditation for your dog!

Just like humans benefit from daily meditation, dogs benefit from daily meditation. The more often you practice the more your dog will benefit from it. Your dog will learn to go from frustrated to relaxed in less than 7 days.  They’ll reap the benefits of having a higher threshold, higher frustration tolerance, being able to down regulate and relax quicker when stressed. When you first start, it may take over an hour to complete the exercise but, as your dog develops the skill of learning how to relax it should only take 30 min a day.

Really easy! If you can do something stationary like being on the computer, reading a book or eating for 30 min to an hour you can easily complete a doggie meditation session and reap incredible benefits for your dog that will help them learn to respond differently to their triggers all day long.

Every rescue dog is different but most will see improvement within 7 days, sometimes as quickly as a few days! Some dogs have more trauma and a lower threshold and tolerance for stress. It takes these dogs longer to see results, however, we developed a way for you to still see dramatic improvements within 7 days with more time invested in the training.

You can start today by joining now! Our Mini Course is self-paced so you can start anytime!

Who is Doggie Meditation good for?

Rescue Dog Training Barking Dog
The Barking Dog

The Doggie Meditation Method gets to the root cause of your dog’s barking. Instead of suppressing a barking dog through painful aversives, yelling or threats, you’ll learn how to teach your rescue dog how to relax and turn off their pessimistic survival brain that causes excessive barking.

Rescue Dog Training Leash Reactivity
The Leash Reactive Dog

The Doggie Meditation Method will dramatically increase your dog’s tolerance for frustration. They’ll be less frustrated when they see a dog and more likely to respond to your training. For fearful leash reactive dogs, you’ll help reset their parasympathetic nervous system so they’re less likely to go into a fight or flight state on-leash.

Anxious Rescue Dog Training
The Pacing, Fearful or Anxious Dog

These dogs have a very active mind and their senses are very heightened. Their anxiety may move them or freeze them (flight or freeze). By teaching them how to relax and reset their parasympathetic system through The Doggie Meditation Method they can learn to find inner peace and be available to learn new skills and capabilities through formal training.

Rescue Dog Training
The Excitable Rescue Dog

Excitable dogs have a higher amount of frustration that they live with. They become energized more easily and struggle with relaxing. Most of their behavioral problems are tied to the inability to control their energy level and down regulate to a calm state. Excitable dogs will greatly benefit from The Doggie Meditation Method because it teaches how to relax when feeling frustrated and builds intrinsic motivation to want to relax. They learn that relaxing is a solution to their stress and frustration. More importantly, relaxing feels good!

Does this sound like you?

Dog Training

☑️  You’ve tried traditional training and your dog still doesn’t listen

☑️  Your dog’s reactivity is frustrating and embarrassing

☑️  Your dog barks way more than relaxing around the house

☑️  You’ve tried everything and nothing has worked

☑️  You’re searching for someone that understands your rescue dog issues

Keys to Training a Rescue Dog

Imagine finding the key to rescue dog training and never feeling hopeless or anxious again.

You’re in luck! I help rescue dog parents like you everyday by teaching their rescue dogs to relax and listen through Doggie Meditation!

The secret to a happy rescue dog is through resetting their parasympathetic nervous system and teaching down regulation. I can help you do just that!

In 7 days you’ll have a dog that listens and relaxes more around the house because you’re learning how to relax them consciously (by showing them how to settle) and unconsciously (by resetting their parasympathetic nervous system allowing their body to enter a state of rest and restoration).

It’s time to bring peace and quiet into your home!

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Happy Rescue Dogs - Dog Training - Meditation for Dogs

Do you wish there was something like meditation for dogs?

Is your dog anxious or stressed and causing you anxiety & stress?

What if there was a way to teach your dog to find inner peace and calmness through doggie meditation?

What if there was a way to relieve their anxiety and teach a whole new way of being?

That’s why I created Doggie Meditation!

A proven method that’s similar to meditation for dogs, teaching your dog how to listen and relax in 7 days!

Happy Rescue Dogs - Dog Training - Emotional

The fact is —

Dogs are emotional beings (just like us!) and dogs who struggle with stress and anxiety have behavioral problems. They need to learn mindfulness training to overcome their behaviors on both a conscious and subconscious level. With our training that focuses on healing the dog as a whole system – mentally, emotionally, physically and physiologically, they are absolutely capable of listening and relaxing.

In simpler words —

I understand dogs on a deep level to be able to make quantum leaps in both yours and your rescue dog’s life.

The system that I use for developing emotionally resilient rescue dogs begins with The Doggie Meditation Method. In just 7 days your dog will be calmer, listen better and be less reactive.

Happy Rescue Dogs Online Dog Training
Happy Rescue Dogs - Dog Training - Dog

Here’s what you’ll get:

This program will help you to reduce frustration in your rescue dog that leads to:

  • General anxiety
  • Leash reactivity
  • Excessive play or zoomies
  • Excessive barking
  • Pacing around the house
  • Demand barking
Happy Rescue Dogs - Steps to Training

How does this work?

Step 1

Step 2

Check your email for your access invite

Step 3

Complete the 7 Online Lessons

Step 4

Implement Daily Doggie Meditation sessions over the course of 7 days to create a calm rescue dog that listens!

Rescue Dog Training

Imagine where you could be in 7 days!

Your dog could be…

  • better behaved 
  • less reactive
  • more relaxed in your house and yard
  • more comfortable and calm when guests arrive
  • feeling safer and more secure with you

Now is the time!

Teach your dog The Doggie Meditation Method and give them the best gifts in life – the ability to find inner peace, feel safe and relax.

Lock in this offer before it increases!

Happy Rescue Dogs - Doggie Meditation overview

The Doggie Meditation Method

Now only $47!*

*Lock in this low price today

  • With The Doggie Meditation Method (7 self-paced online lessons) you’ll reset your dog’s parasympathetic system to help relieve barking and reactivity.
  • A proven meditation method for rescue dogs, teaching them how to listen and relax in 7 days!
  • Teach down regulation and relaxation to bring peace and harmony into your relationship and home.