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How Do You Know if Your Dog Has Selective Hearing?

I’m dog watching my daughter’s cute rescue mix this week. I noticed he doesn’t always listen and wondered if he might have selective hearing so I did a bit of research to find out more. Selective hearing is that time your dog determines when to listen to you and for what period of time. Selective hearing […]

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The 4 Reasons Your Rescue Dog Won’t Play With Toys

In preparation for adopting a couple dogs in the next month, I decided to learn more about why dog toys aren’t actually something they want to play with. My last rescue really never liked playing with dog toys – I wondered why, so I did some research. The Top 4 Reasons A Rescue Dog Won’t Play […]

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5 Steps To Turn Your Rescue Dog Into Your Running Partner

5 Steps to Turn Your Rescue Dog Into Your Running PartnerOne of the best ways to bond with your dog is to get them into a routine of running with you. There is a process if your dog has never been out on a run for any length of time. Make sure to first check […]

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Use Treats To Get a Scared Dog Out of a Crate

Using Treats To Help Your Scared Dog Leave The CrateYour dog doesn’t want to leave the crate because right now, that is her safe place. It’s important to avoid any human frustration or anxiousness – they will sense that from you and become fearful of leaving the crate.What Should You Do if Your Dog Just […]

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