Best Dog Packs for Hiking, Backpacking and Adventure

Best Dog Packs for Backpacking, Hiking, Running 1

The Most Recommended Dog Pack

One of the best pieces of gear for any dog is the dog pack and my recommendation for any day walk/hike is the Approach Dog Pack by Ruffwear is the top choice. 

Best Dog Packs for Backpacking, Hiking, Running 2

Whether your dog has ever worn a back pack or not, they seem to like the fit of this pack and find it easy to take a nice long walk or hike with. Anytime I'd grab the pack and walk toward my dog, he got very happy because he knew it was time for a good long walk. Its a great place to store used poop bags if you have no trash around. I also always had some water for him in the other pocket along with his collapsable water bowl, which fit in there very nicely. 

Best Dog Packs for Backpacking, Hiking, Running 3

As for pricing, this pack came in at a reasonable $79.95 which you can get over at Amazon by clicking on this link.

I'll make sure to keep this page updated. I will be regularly testing out new packs and showing off my rescues with their packs to show you just how amazing these packs are and how much a rescue dog can actually love them.