The Costs And Fees To Adopting A Rescue Dog

The Costs and Fees to Adopt a Rescue DogIf you’re asking yourself how much does it cost to adopt a dog, you likely know there’s a lot more to adoption than you might think. Let’s dig in and find out more about all the expenses of adoption involved. ​​There are adoption fees involved when working with […]

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Use Treats To Get a Scared Dog Out of a Crate

Using Treats To Help Your Scared Dog Leave The CrateYour dog doesn’t want to leave the crate because right now, that is her safe place. It’s important to avoid any human frustration or anxiousness – they will sense that from you and become fearful of leaving the crate.What Should You Do if Your Dog Just […]

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Ready to Feed Your New Rescue Dog? Read This First!

What To Feed Your Rescue DogIf you’re about ready to adopt a new dog, and wonder what kind of dog food you should feed him or her, read on and learn about what you should consider first. Next month my husband and I we’ll be adopting a bonded pair of dogs, now is the time to […]

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